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Rebuilding communities with old values

A happy community provides the environment for the new generation to strive for progress and a brighter future. Every family must realise that they have an important role to play in the development of their community and their country. It is a responsibility that have been entrusted upon them by Allah in accordance with Allah’s purpose of creating man on this earth.

If members of the community live in constant discord, there will be conflicts and the development of their children will be adversely affected with an attendant increase in social problems. Inevitably, a lot of resources in terms of ideas and manpower will have to be mobilised and channelled towards resolving such problems, necessitating to a certain extent the diversion of attention from other more pressing matters.

Many issues in Muslim households that involve spousal beatings, domestic violence, child abuse, drug abuse, elder abuse, lack of respect of parents and elders, spousal lack of respect, intergenerational conflict, teenage pregnancies, to name a few come to Islamic NGO’s  almost on a regular basis.

Based on general observation of increase in social evils within Muslim communities, it is safe to attribute the root cause to not investing enough in inculcating adequate Islamic etiquettes and morals.

The current focus of Education and knowledge in Muslim households is mostly on career building. There is no denial of the need to advance oneself economically and for the improvement of life in general. The quest to empower oneself should not be at the expense of knowledge and education that is required to instil moral values. Despite the economic successes the question remains whether we are truly happy within our families, communities and societies at large?

Within the context of Islamic education, the Muslim upbringing today may be solely focused on spiritual and ritualistic aspects (praying, fasting, etc.), while ignoring the morals and values that these rituals are meant to instil in the individual in first place. We need to practice what we belief otherwise we will be none better than hypocrites.

The task of building a happy home should not be taken lightly. An indifferent approach towards this responsibility will only serve to put the home in jeopardy. The duty of every individual is to develop the community and the country where he/she lives and in which the people have complimentary roles to play.

“Believers are in relation to one another as (parts of) a structure, one part of which strengthens the other”. Hadith

In conclusion the question is, the question was and the question remains, what are you and I going to do about the matter?

Acknowledgements:  Imam Mou’tie Saban, Lack of Islamic Teaching



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